Small Businesses Must Adjust to Earlier Christmas Shopping Season, ComScore Says

There is going to be a large influx of Christmas shopping going on this year. However, it will be a bit different than in years past. People are leaning far more towards online shopping due to the convenience that it provides. Many people like to go to the small boutiques online sites because this is where they can find some excellent deals. With that being said, small businesses need to prepare in a big way for this moment.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is the duty of small business to up their marketing scheme to be able to compete.
  • Christmas is a massive time period for businesses to earn their fair share of money.
  • Be creative during this time period so people can see how you differentiate yourself.

“This year, the holiday shopping season will have 33 days, but the six days starting with Thanksgiving and ending with Cyber Tuesday will grab the lion’s share of consumer spend. Early shoppers are also increasingly making these purchases online.”

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