Pros and Cons of a Business Dress Code

There are some companies, or businesses, that like the idea of their employees wearing the same thing. It levels the score a little bit and allows for everyone to feel as if they are a big part of the company. It just serves as a reminder to everyone that they are equals within the work space. However, there are some cons to it. One major con is that the company may have issues recruiting new talented people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people like to be looked at in the same light as all other potential workers.
  • Other people like to make sure that they are treated more special than under achievers.
  • The bottom line is that if you are an employee, you are working for someone else.

“The company with dress code rules is perceived as being more professional in the eyes of its clients. It does not need to be truth, but the visual effect is of a high importance. During the business meetings, people who wear smart clothes are perceived as being more professional and respected.”

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