Need Custom Embroidery? Here’s Why You Get What You Pay For!

Just about every day we get calls from customers asking for a price quote on logo embroidery. Sometimes we earn their business, and sometimes we don’t. However, we see this as a good sign. Whether we earn a customer’s business or not we strive to be competitively priced without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Sometimes, we will get a call from a customer who after receiving our quote will say, “Whoa, that is more expensive than I expected. I’ll just keep looking.” Our response is usually along the lines of “Well, we would love to work with you, so let us know if you change your mind.”

It takes quite a bit of will power to hold back from responding, “Seriously? You get what you pay for, and paying less usually means lower quality.”

You see, we have been offering custom embroidery and corporate logo apparel for more than 20 years and over those years we have run into very second-rate work. It isn’t uncommon to see corporate logo apparel that looks less than professional.

Why does this happen? Because embroidery shops that have cheaper prices usually cut corners which leads to inferior embroidery. We personally find this type of work offensive to our trade as it can give a bad reputation to those who put in the extra time to give their customers premium work.

At Stitch- by- Design, providing quality work is what we do best. We use the highest quality embroidery tools and materials to get a superior output. We even reject garments from our manufacturers that are poor in quality and we never hesitate to re-do a custom embroidery product that doesn’t meet our standards. As an experienced logo embroidery company, offering mediocre work simply isn’t the way we run our business. Our job is to give you, our customer, premium logo embroidery that fits your needs.

In trying to keep with our high standards and quality we never pass on the extra costs to our clients. Instead of looking at our customers as a paycheck, we want to support their goals. We want you, our customer, to look, feel and be successful. We want you to come back to us for your next custom embroidery need, not only for the work we do but because we treat you as family.

As a consumer, the bottom line is if you pay less, you can expect less from your embroidery company. It might not seem fair, but trust us you will want quality embroidery. So, the next time your custom embroidery looks a little frayed, carefully consider what company you choose for your corporate logo apparel.