10 Tips for Building an Effective Online Presence for Your Business

Your business’s online presence is a compilation of all the sites online that represent your business. To improve your online presence start with an effective domain name for your business website. Make sure your email marketing works hand in hand with your social media presence. Use both ads and reviews in order to boost online sales, even if your business is not an ecommerce store. Look at the contact page of the website. Make sure it is easy to locate and use to help people show their interest.

Key Takeaways:

  • The domain name for your business website is the potential way customers would use to find you online so it should be taken as something very important.
  • Your SEO, or search engine optimization strategy, and you social media campaigns, should be complementary tools and not separate tools.
  • Content marketing is a great factor in leveraging SEO and your success online. So, manage it very effectively.

“Social media and email campaigns are both important parts of marketing a small business. But they don’t often work together in tandem. However, you could be missing out by not leveraging these two methods together. Learn more in this GetResponse post by Krista Liebmann.”

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